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Dr. Fiala - Ankle & Foot Surgery Specialist


Although Dr. Fiala favors a conservative treatment approach to most foot & ankle ailments, there are some conditions that, in many cases and situations, are best treated surgically. These may include: foot and ankle fractures, deep foot infections, severe foot deformities, painful bunions & hammertoes, chronic ankle sprains / instability, tendon tears, and foot or ankle arthritis. At Step Ahead Foot and Ankle, LLC, patients are always given their options and are asked to play a role in their care, whether conservative or surgical.

Dr. Fiala is originally from Twin Falls, Idaho. He received his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and then attended Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated residency from St. Joseph Medical Center, Houston, Texas in the world’s largest medical center.  While there, he received extensive training focused on surgery, wound care, pediatric foot and ankle, and general care of all foot and ankle conditions. Following residency, he practiced in Spring, Texas for seven years before relocating to Kalispell, Montana.

The Difference between DPMS and MDs / DOs

To learn more about the Education, Training, and Certification of Foot & Ankle Surgeons, The Board Certification Difference and the Practice Difference (between Foot and Ankle Surgeons (DPMS) Board Certified in Foot Surgery and in Reconstructive Rearfoot / Ankle Surgery and Orthopedists (MD/DOs), click here (ACFAS Position Statement).

Minor Procedures in Clinic

At the Step Ahead Foot and Ankle, LLC, Dr. Fiala often performs minor surgical procedures, including ingrown toenail removals, permanent toenail removals, excision of warts, excision of foreign bodies, and minor toe tendon releases. Step Ahead is well equipped with a nice Procedure Room (with nice views) to make this normally uncomfortable experience less uncomfortable.

Surgeries in Hospitals / Surgery Centers

Larger procedures (bunion repairs, all rearfoot and ankle procedures, treatment of foot infections) are performed at either the Surgery Center at the HealthCenter (Kalispell, MT), the Kalispell Regional Medical Center (Kalispell, MT) or at North Valley Hospital (Whitefish, MT). Dr. Fiala maintains privileges with each of these surgical facilities. Not all foot surgeons do, and we encourage you to ask your surgeon whether he/she does maintain hospital privileges prior to seeking care and consultation. Also, we encourage you to seek care and consultation with a Board Certified Foot & Ankle Surgeon, as not all providers are Board Certified. Click here for the link to the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons Patient Resource page to learn if your physician is Board Certified (FACFAS after his / her name).

Dr. Fiala  is not an employee of either hospital and as such receives no incentive nor "kick-back" for performing surgeries at any particular facility or referring patients to either facility for procedures or special imaging studies. As such, he is able to provide the care that's best for the patient, as she feels all surgeons should.

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