What You Need To Know About Bunions
By Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Clinic, P.C.
November 06, 2018
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As common as bunions are, it is difficult for patients to get used to them. If you are dealing with the discomfort that comes with bunions, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from podiatrist Dr. Esther Barnes at Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Clinic in Kalispell, MT. Successful treatment for bunions requires time, patience, and a customized plan that’s tailored to your specific case.

Dealing with Bunions
Bunions change your feet: the way they look, feel, and fit in shoes. They affect the way that you walk and how you regard the visual appeal of your feet and toes. They cause the toes to push and pinch against each other, and eventually overlap. Some patients live with bunions for years without pain, but that can change with time—especially since the joints in the feet and toes are affected. The skin can become irritated and calluses may form. Even if pain isn’t present, the embarrassment of this foot deformity is enough to prompt patients to seek treatment.

Is There a Cure for Bunions?
Bunions can be corrected with the help of your Kalispell, MT podiatrist and a dedicated treatment plan. These are some of the most reliable ways to fix bunions:

- Padding made of felt to guard the feet when wearing shoes and prevent friction
- Pads placed between the toes to help restore alignment
- Corn or callus removal
- Wearing orthotics that encourage the bone and joint to realign
- Physical therapy and special exercises
- Night splinting
- Bunionectomy (surgery to eliminate bunions)

Bunion Prevention
Bunions do not form overnight, they develop over a course of time and due to certain behaviors, habits, and activities. After your feet are restored, observe these prevention tips to increase your chance of avoiding this foot problem in the future:

- Get more comfortable shoes that don’t put too much pressure on your toes
- Stretch your feet and toes regularly, especially when resting
- Protect your bone health by eating calcium rich foods
- See your podiatrist at the first signs of foot pain or a change in the general form of your feet

Quality Care for Your Feet
It’s not normal to live with your feet deformed and painful because of bunions. Seek treatment from podiatrist Dr. Esther Barnes at Step Ahead Foot & Clinic, in Kalispell, MT. Call 406-755-2818 today to schedule a foot examination with Dr. Esther Barnes.


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