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The Shoe Store at the Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Clinic aims to take the guesswork out of one of the most important components of foot care: shoes! Our fit specialist ensures that your feet are matched to footwear designed to maximize your foot function and comfort. With a focus on care rather than profit, you can be assured that no shoe will be sold that doesn’t fit appropriately. Respect, honesty, integrity and kindness – it’s how Dr. Barnes treats her patients and it’s how we treat our customers. 

The fit specialists at the Step Ahead Shoe Store help you find the best shoe and arch support combination that will put your feet in balance and improve your alignment with the rest of your body. Our inventory is hand-selected and approved by Dr. Barnes. We offer specialty-shoes, or shoes you can’t find anywhere else in town, namely diabetic Shoes and podiatrist-recommended fashionable women and men's casual shoes. Come see for yourself!

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Office Hours:
UPDATE 3/23/20: In attempt to maintain the safety of our patients, employees, and the community, the office is physically closed, other than for the care of patients with urgent concerns / emergenices only. Attempts will be made to return phone calls Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 1PM. Please use the "Request an Appointment" resource above to request an appointment. If an established patient, we encourage you to log into the Patient Portal and send a message to Dr. Barnes or the office with any questions or concerns. Thank you.